METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project

Improved Connectivity.
Growing Opportunities.

The Gulfton Corridor project is designed to directly benefit the Gulfton area by providing improved mobility and connectivity to employment, recreational, educational and cultural opportunities.

The Gulfton Corridor Project will:

  • Serve areas with high transit demand and projected transit growth
  • Bring critical north-south connectivity for commuters seeking to avoid severe traffic congestion
  • Expand access to transfer opportunities at the Westpark / Lower Uptown Transit Center and the Northwest Transit Center

You can see a map of the project area and images of neighborhood landmarks you can access using METRO, by clicking or tapping the buttons below. These images are best viewed on a desktop computer.

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Customer exiting METRORapid vehicle
METRORapid Silver Line traveling in a dedicated bus-only lane.

Project Benefits

Part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, this project will provide benefits across the region.

Common Questions


This project is part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, to create faster, more reliable and more frequent service. The project will:

Deliver on voter-approved plan

The Gulfton Corridor project was a key component of the plan, which was approved by nearly 70% of area voters in 2019.

Increase mobility

The Gulfton Corridor is home to some of the region's highest transit demand and the most congested streets. Currently, buses in the corridor operate in mixed traffic. This reduces the efficiency for METRO customers and impacts motorists as they wait for buses to load and unload passengers in a shared lane.

METRORapid is a transit service that combines elements of light rail and bus to deliver faster connections and a smooth, convenient ride.

It features:

  • Modern design offering 100% accessibility, with wider doorways and level boarding
  • Outstanding customer amenities such as station-like platforms at every stop
  • Dedicated, transit-only lane to move through traffic
  • Convenient schedule for easy trip planning

The METRORapid Gulfton Corridor project will provide:

Frequent service to key destinations

Universally accessible service to multiple residential, business and education centers.

More reliable trips

Transit-only lanes will help reduce travel time and improve schedule reliability for riders.

More connectivity

The line would connect with:

  • Various local METRO bus routes
  • METRORapid Silver Line in Uptown / Galleria
  • Multiple METRO transit centers

More access

  • Expands access to transfer opportunities at the Westpark / Lower Uptown Transit Center and the Northwest Transit Center
  • Accommodate expected population growth in the region
  • Improve access to jobs and economic opportunities

Route / Connectivity

The line will offer a continuous ride from Gulfton to northwest Houston. It will serve the following communities and more:

  • Gulfton
  • Sharpstown
  • Uptown / Galleria

No, the route has not been determined at this time. One of the goals of public involvement is to identify and incorporate the needs and priorities of the community into the process of selecting a preferred route.

The METRORapid Gulfton Project is a separate project being developed by METRO. It will be designed to connect with the METRORapid Silver Line at the Westpark / Lower Uptown Transit Center and enable you to reach the Northwest Transit Center. Once there you can transfer to downtown Houston.

Project Management

The METRONext Moving Forward Plan was approved by Houston area voters in November 2019. Planning for the METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project began in 2022. Public meetings and input opportunities occur in early 2023, after which the preferred alignment (route) will be selected and conceptual design and environmental work will be completed. In 2024, METRO anticipates receiving federal funding and completing the final design. Construction is anticipated to last about two years.

METRO is currently in the planning phase, evaluating the features of the project. Detailed cost estimates have not yet been developed. Once an alignment (route) is determined, we will have more information.

METRO is exploring federal funding opportunities and other grant programs.


The study will look at the potential impact of this project on air quality, noise, traffic, land use, historic and cultural resources, and water quality, among many other factors. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

METRO is also exploring possible use of zero emission vehicles.

No significant property impacts are anticipated. Additional information will become available as the planning and designing phases progress. Further study will help determine the final alignment. METRO will adhere to all federal requirements in the event property needs to be acquired.

METRO knows that trees and a "Greener Gulfton" are important to the area. Our intent during the design process is to protect and preserve existing trees.

METRO Street Team meeting with members of the community.

We Want To Hear From You

METRO relies on input from the community. Please take 3-5 minutes to give us your feedback about the Gulfton Corridor project.


At various times during the project, we'll be holding face to face and online public meetings to seek community feedback.

Register to receive updates about the project. Simply provide your email or mobile phone number.

When events are confirmed, a calendar listing will be posted here. If there are no current listings, please check back soon.


METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project - Public Meeting No. 3 (English and Spanish language)

Meeting will be held at the Burnett-Bayland Park Community Center.


METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project - Public Meeting No. 2 (Spanish language)

Meeting will be held at the BakerRipley Gulfton Sharpstown Campus (Reunion Hall / Gym).


METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project - Public Meeting No. 1 (English language)

Meeting will be held at the BakerRipley Gulfton Sharpstown Campus (Reunion Hall / Gym).

Resource Center

Below, you’ll find links to project-related materials and information. As rollout of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan continues, we’ll add more items here to keep you informed on progress with the METRORapid Gulfton Corridor Project.


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